The History of Horizon

Ron Rysell charted out the history of Horizon as of the end of 1979. I have added the rest through June of 1982. Rollover any of the following for details. Changes for each band are shown in bold.

Horizon VIII - spring of 1982 - the last lineup

In the spring of 1982 John came back when Ray left us in the lurch...nice finish to a great ride!

Mike Marnul - drums
Steve Wozny - keyboard/vocal
John Gawle - guitar/vocal
Bill Zandrew - bass/vocal
Bob Kuntz- sax
Dave Schiesl - trumpet
Ralph Treccia - trombone

Photos from the last gig at the Arlington Hilton

A 37 year reunion - Songs for Bridget Treccias Wedding - June 1, 2019